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Beginning April 5th, 2020

Class will meet every Sunday 4-530pm


Our “ACTING for FILM” class will provide actors with all they need to enter the TV/Film Business.

First, if you need them, we book an appointment for you with our professional headshot photographer in order to set you up with the highly professional-looking pictures of yourself which you will need to audition for paying gigs with Stage, TV, Commercial and Film directors. For these pictures our students only pay $25 instead of the typical $250-600.


Then we help you build a professional resume for you to submit for many auditions.

In our studio we will teach you how to audition powerfully in order to land roles.


With these tools in place, we set you up with a process which will involve pro directors inviting you to audition for real gigs every week, sometimes daily.

When you audition for these movies, commercials and TV shows, you will have a pro director, a pro reader and a pro studio on your side.  Generally, the people you will be competing with for these roles will only have their phone in their living room to record weakly.

We are a diverse place and we welcome folks of all types.  Yes, you belong on TV.  It doesn’t matter what your look or type is, as long as you are ready to learn to be a professional actor. 


Our philosophy is one of complete acceptance and support.  When you are in our studio, you must treat everyone with kindness and friendship and they must do the same for you.  That is why actors love being a part of our classes. We a one big safe family.   Don’t miss this rare opportunity by waiting too long!  Only 10 seats available.  Sign up now!!

Acting for Film