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In this class, you will be trained in long form improv

Learning the "Harold", The "Myth" and more forms of long-form improv is tons of fun. 


Our director brings long form to you from the source.  Del Close invented the Harold and our director performed Harolds with Del Close's original cast members for years.

The Upright Citizen's Brigade (Where our director also performs in NYC) has its own form of training for long form and they teach many new rules and guidelines which Del Close never suggested.  As a result, their long form shows are often confusing and difficult for the audience to follow.  Our company returns to the original format and adds a theatrical director's vision for delivering a more rewarding experience for the audience and actors alike.  


We are a diverse place and we welcome folks of all types. 

The class will be held on Tuesdays from 6-730pm (beginning April 7th) 


Live taped performances will be on Saturday evenings once the cast is ready.  

Our philosophy is one of complete acceptance and support.  When you are in our studio, you must treat everyone with kindness and friendship and they must do the same for you.  That is why actors love being a part of our shows. We a one big safe hilarious family.  The director’s wife will be co-teaching as well.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity by waiting too long!    We are looking forward to meeting you!!!


Long form Improv (Harolds etc.)