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Begin now!!

Class meets online every Sunday  7-830 pm.

Whether you are completely new to Stand up comedy or you have experience & you are ready to take your improv skills to the next level with our TV shows, this class is for you...


The class is held online Sundays from 7-830 pm. 

(JOIN & we will send you a link to join us live NEXT SUNDAY!!!)


When you click on the link we send you, you will see your facilitator and your fellow stand up comics.  We are all excited to work with new people.  


Please make sure you are in frame on your camera or phone. (Must have mic and camera)


We will discuss our goals, receive homework for writing new material, and share helpful videos online.

Each comic will have a writing partner.  Each comic will be afforded time to try out new material with the group as an audience and receive helpful feedback.  Ultimately, each comic will have a full and polished show to deliver solo live and on camera in our studio.


When the Corona Virus is under control, we will invite all performers to return to our studio stage for many more years of live classes and live shows on camera.

We are amassing video content for our YouTube channel in order to help sell our show to TV.  We have sold to TV before...we were on air for five years won two Emmy Awards.


Tuition is only $50 per month for this class.  Pay for one month at a time and stop whenever you choose.  



Our goal is to graduate our students by casting them in our top group to peform regularly for our TV show.

Ours is a TV studio, not a theater.

We will have a live studio audience.
There is studio lighting and a stage-set designed for TV.

There are a minimum of one to three cameras on every show and our shows are able to be broadcast live globally as well as edited for viewing for our online channel.

There is no need to feel nervous about performing because the classes are designed to be no-failure for anyone.  You will not be asked to perform in front of an audience or a camera until you feel very ready.  Every look and personality type is needed and welcome.

Ours is an inclusive and diverse society. " No judgement and complete acceptance of each other" is our motto.

Anyone over 18 yrs old is welcome to join.
Enjoy episodes of our show...here is a link


Instructor/Director, David Webster


Light & fun yet professional improv comedy training
How to Play the Camera
Preparing actors for all of the live shows and TV shows our studio will produce.
No Experience Necessary.
invited to all of our parties


Class will begin the week after the tenth student signs up.  Sign up now and we will keep you informed of the exact start date.  Refunds available anytime before start date.

Online Stand up Comedy Workshop