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Groove Cat Policy 

Customer Care

When you arrive at  our studio on, the director and the actors will introduce themselves to you and welcome you in.  We are all excited to work with new people.  Our philosophy demands that everyone actually love you and treat you kindly while you are with us and that you must love everyone and treat them kindly as well.  This makes for great trust on stage and on camera. 

We all become one big family very quickly because we see so much of each other's true character through our acting exercises.  We celebrate diversity big time!!  We need all types!  As a student, you will be invite to classes, to see our shows and to join our after parties. 

When we feel you are ready and only when you feel ready and familiar with enough of our comedy techniques, you will have the opportunity to perform in our shows.  We are amassing video content for our YouTube channel in order to help sell our show to TV.  We have sold to TV before...we were on air for five years won two Emmy Awards.

Our last cast was filmed for TV for over 500 shows. The shows aired on the Turner South Network and received high Nielsen ratings as well as several awards.  We would like to offer you the opportunity to develop your talent with a specific and highly-effective style of comedy for TV.  You will receive lots of fun practice with hilarious games and situations.

Emmy Award Winning Director, David Webster, from Second City Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade, NYC and Founder of the Whole World Theater in Atlanta, Ga. will be teaching this improv comedy for TV class and employing the world's most effective improv comedy method.  The director created this method during his world-record-breaking run of 1500 sold out shows in-a-row in Atlanta and through his work with many Improv groups around the country since then.

Ours is a TV studio, not a theater.
There is studio lighting and a stage-set designed for TV.

There are a minimum of three cameras on every show and our shows are able to be broadcast live globally as well as edited for viewing for our online channel.

There is no need to feel nervous about performing because the classes are designed to be no-failure for anyone.  You will not be asked to perform in front of an audience until you feel very ready.

In the beginning, we play fun games together without putting people on the spot. Everyone is welcome to ease into improv.  Every look and personality type is needed and welcome.

Ours is an inclusive and diverse society. " No judgement and complete acceptance of each other" is our motto.

Anyone over 18 yrs old is welcome to join.

  • Monday Nights - Class

  • Director, David Webster


  • Intensive improv comedy training

  • How to Play the Camera

  • Preparing actors for all of the live shows and TV shows our studio will produce.

  • No Experience Necessary.

  • Students recieve a full set of professional headshot photographs for free.

  • invited to all of our parties

Privacy & Safety 

We are a television studio.  Therefore, we are filming!  We want anyone interested in being SEEN to BE SEEN! 

We must first have a completed and signed Photo Release and Waiver of Liability and a completed General Information Form


You may download and complete this form here:

Please complete prior to your first class. 

Private Performance Inquiries

We are always looking for potential venues that would benefit from our live improv comedy performances.

We have worked with several businesses in a variety of capacities:

  • University of Virginia Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

  • Farmington Hunt Club

  • American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Playhouse

  • Barboursville Ruins

Please call us at 434.962.5529 or email us at websterstudio@gmail.com for more information.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments